"Failed to Load or Extract Assembly" error

A "Failed to Load or Extract Assembly" error when signing into or using CTI Navigator Web functions implies that some Temporary Internet files are corrupted. This can be caused by a disruption to your Internet service.

To delete all Temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer: click Tools > Internet Options > under the General tab, Browsing History section, click the Delete... button > check Temporary Internet Files > click the Delete button > after the temp files have been deleted, close all browser screens before trying again to sign into CTI Navigator Web. Deleting your browsing history does not delete your list of Favorites or subscribed feeds. 

For more details on clearing your browser's temporary files, select your browser in the list below:

Usually it's helpful to have the browsing history stored on your computer it can improve your web browsing speed and also save you from having to type the same information over and over. However, if the corruption continues or the error recurs, under the Internet Options select Browsing History and either 

  1. Check "Delete browsing history on Exit"; or 
  2. Click the Settings button, and under "Check for Newer Versions of stored pages" select either 

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rev. 08.05.2014