Fix "Invalid Property Value" error (380)

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An "Invalid Property Value" error when viewing Listing Activities or Search Results in CTI Navigator Desktop indicates that an invalid screen setting probably has been saved as the default. To fix an invalid screen default setting:

  1. Close CTI Navigator Desktop 
  2. Right-click on Start
  3. Browse to  {see note 1 below)\Cti Navigator\{yourMLScode}\Users\{your Agent Name}\   (for codes, see note below)
  4. Double-click on the user.ini file
  5. Click on [Preview] and insert an "x" after the first bracket and in front of Preview so it displays [xPreview]
  6. Close the user.ini screen and save the change (File > Exit or Windows X to close). 

Note 1. The path to the "\CTI Navigator\{YourMLScode}\Users\{your Agent Name}\"  folder for your MLS data depends on when you installed the CTI Navigator Desktop program, and into which version of Windows it was installed.

Note 2: Where instructions refer to {yourMLScode}, substitute CTI's 3-letter code for your local MLS (without the {} braces). This code can be determined by opening the CTI Navigator Desktop login screen > click the Setup button > the MLS code is the first 3 letters in the Internet Server Address box.

Where instructions refer to {your Agent Name}, substitute your name (without the {} braces) exactly as listed in your local MLS. Your Agent Name is displayed in CTI Navigator under Roster > Agent/Office Info.

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If the "Invalid Property Value" error occurs when you are using large, ultra high resolution and/or very large monitor(s), exit Navigator Desktop and set the screen resolution to a lower value (such as 1920 x 1080 or less) before you login.


An "Invalid Property Value" error when Updating, usually indicates an invalid data setting in Windows. To fix an invalid data setting in Windows:

  1. Right-click on the clock in the system tray
  2. Verify all time settings are correct (time, am/pm, date, year, time zone)
  3. If all time settings are correct, open Windows Control Panel
  4. Select Regional and Language Settings
  5. Verify Language is English, United States
  6. Verify American formats for number, currency and time.

It your MLS updates include tax data, an invalid (out-of-date or corrupted) format for the taxes can also cause an "Invalid Property Value" error when updating. In this case, either replace the tax files in CTI Navigator on your computer with the current version from your MLS (on disk or by downloading), or set CTI Navigator to use tax data over the Internet (see next paragraph). To download new tax files, see "Download CTI Navigator, Repair Data or Repair Windows" in the related articles below. 

If you cannot find or fix an invalid data setting in your Windows, you can set CTI Navigator to use data over the Internet instead of using the data inside your computer. To set CTI Navigator to access MLS data or tax data over the Internet, click the Setup button on the log in screen for CTI Navigator and select Internet instead of "This computer" under the Data Files and/or Tax Files tab as appropriate. For further information see Set Data to Internet Option in the "Install CTI Navigator" related articles below. 

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Windows Vista or Windows 7

An "Invalid Property Value" error in Windows Vista or Windows 7 typically indicates that Administrative Privileges are not set correctly for a CTI Navigator Desktop program that was installed prior to April 19, 2012. To set an older installation of CTI Navigator Desktop to have Administrative Privileges in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Browse to C:\Program Files\CTI Navigator\; or, in a 64-bit version of Windows, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\CTI Navigator\ 
  3. Right-click on CTI Navigator.exe  [Note. CTI Navigator.exe installed after April 19, 2012 does not need administrative privileges.]
  4. Select Properties
  5. Click the Compatibility tab 
  6. Under Privilege Level, check "Run this program as an Administrator
  7. Click OK.

See also "Using Windows Vista and Windows 7" and "Restore Windows System files" in the related articles below. 

Note: Administrative Privileges do not need to be set in Windows 8.1 or 10.

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