Fix "Method of Object Failed", or "Provider cannot be Found" error

As with many error messages, there are a variety of possible causes for these errors. To go to the appropriate corrective instructions, click in the following list on the function you were using when the error occurred (or go directly to the relevant section):

New Installation

When a "method ' ~' of object ' ~' failed" error occurs during installation, it usually indicates that Windows failed to properly copy some file (usually from the installation CD). A scratch or finger print on an installation disk could cause this error. Therefore, when installing from disk, clean the disk and re-install. Otherwise, follow the appropriate instructions below:

  1. Ensure that your Windows XP/Vista account has administrative privileges.
  2. Disable any antivirus or disk protection program.   
  3. Re-install the CTI Navigator program if only the program is being installed or the error occurs before MLS data begins to install. If installing in Windows  Vista, follow the special instructions in the related article "Install CTI Navigator"  below.
  4. If the error occurs during installation of photos, close CTI Navigator and go on the Internet to{YourMLScode}CRO.exe (see note 1). If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7Save the {YourMLScode}cro.exe file to your desktop (or a downloads directory) > right-click on the saved file > click "Run as Administrator" > double-click on the saved file to run it in Vista/7. In any other version of Windows, Open or Run the {YourMLScode}cro.exe file. When the file runs, click Start on the "Clear Read Only" screen. The "CRO" program will unlock all installed or downloaded MLS photo files. After running the CRO, update manually (by selecting Start > All Programs > CTI Navigator > Update Manager > Update button). For further details, see the related article "Photo Install or Update errors."
  5. If the error occurs during installation of taxes (where provided), close CTI Navigator > go on the Internet to{YourMLScode}tax.exe > save and unzip this file (see note 1). This file is also available at CTI's on-line Help and Tutorials by selecting "Download CTI Navigator and/or Repair Data or Windows" (see related articles link).
  6. If the error occurs during initial installation of MLS listing data, close CTI Navigator > go on the Internet to{YourMLScode}Data.exe > save and unzip this file (see note 1). 

For installation instructions, see the related article "Install CTI Navigator"

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Login or Update

  1. Run TestADO.exe > click "Test Creation of Connection Object" > result should indicate "Test passed" > OK > click "Open test database" > result should indicate "Test passed" > OK > Close. If either test fails, register Microsoft's Active Data Object (ado) files. To register Microsoft's "ado" files on your computer: open Windows Explorer > C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\ado > set View (at top of screen) to Details > click the "Type" column heading to sort by type > progressively double-click on all the Application Extension (.dll) files (except msader15.dll) to register them > close the "DllRegisterServer...succeeded" Window for each file). Most versions of Windows have seven (7) ado files in the Common Files\System\ado folder. The msader15.dll will not register, but all others (msado15.dll through msjro.dll) should "succeed". For registration details, see the related article "Register dll or ocx file". If this does not fix the error, proceed to the next step.
  2. If registering the ado files does not fix the error when installing data, either
  3. Register Windows\System32\Scrrun.dll file. Simultaneously press the Windows logo keyWindows Logo+R > in the "Open" box type c:\windows\system32\RegSvr32 ScrRun.dll and click the OK button. (Note that there is one space in this command between regsvr32.exe and scrrun.dll.) The message "DllRegisterServer in ScrRun.dll succeeded" should display. 
  4. Exit CTI Navigator and re-start Windows. Change CTI Navigator's Setup for the Location of Data (and, if provided, Tax) files on the login screen from "This Computer" to Internet; or re-install MLS taxes (if available) and, if necessary or if taxes are not provided, re-install listing data. 

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To re-register in Windows XP the files CTI Navigator needs to send listing or photo information over the Internet, click and Run the MSR32.bat file. For Windows Vista, Save the MSR32.bat file in your computer before running it.

For older versions of Windows click and run MSR.bat. For Windows NT, click and run MSRNT32.bat.

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Note 1: Where instructions refer to {YourMLScode}, substitute CTI's 3-letter code for your local MLS (without the {} braces). This code can be determined by opening the CTI Navigator login screen > click the Setup button > the MLS code is the first 3 letters in the Internet Server Address box.

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