Workgroup Information File is Missing...

The "workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user" error indicates that the program cannot find or open the local MLS data files. This usually is because either (a) the Path to the data and/or (where available) tax files is missing or not correct (especially when running over a network); or (b) the data files themselves are missing or corrupted. 

To verify the path to the data, open the CTI Navigator login screen and click the Setup button. Under the Data Files tab, the  Location beside "This Computer" normally is C:\Program Files\CTI Navigator\{YourMLScode}\ (see note 1). 

If integrated taxes are available for your MLS, click the Tax tab and verify that the Location beside "This Computer" is C:\Program Files\CTI Navigator\{YourMLScode}\Data\ . If the path to tax files is blank beside "This Computer", the taxes did not install correctly. When the tax file is downloaded from the Internet instead of being installed from CD, this path must be manually entered (as shown previously). 

Do not manually change the Location to Local Area Network (LAN). Only the NavNet program installs a workstation on a LAN (see below). When NavNet is installed, the path to data over a Local Area Network (LAN) should always start with double backslash marks (\\).

If the program was installed previously and worked without error, this error may indicate that the MLS.mdw workgroup file is missing. This file can be downloaded from{YourMLScode}/MLS.mdw and should be saved to C:\Program Files\CTI Navigator\{YourMLScode}\Data. 

Note 1: If your computer always has high speed Internet access and the CTI Navigator program has been correctly installed, you can set CTI Navigator to use MLS data over the Internet instead of using local data. To do so, open the CTI Navigator login screen and click the Setup button and change the Location to Internet for Data Files and, where available, Tax Files. You may need to configure security in Windows to allow the program to dynamically access data over the Internet (see the related article, "Configure Security Settings in Windows").

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New Installation

For a new installation, be sure you are running a current installation CD (see related article, "Install CTI Navigator"). 

If the error occurs after a typical (standalone) installation, clean the installation CD and re-install the listing data and where available, taxes. If re-installing data does not fix the error then totally uninstall and re-install both the program and data as follows:

  1. Close all programs (including CTI Navigator) and disable any anti-virus program
  2. Un-install CTI Navigator through Windows Control Panel
  3. Open Windows Explorer (right-click Start > select Explore) and browse to C:\Program Files\CTI Navigator
  4. Select and manually delete the CTI Navigator folder and all its subfolders 
  5. Re-install both the CTI Navigator program and the listing data
  6. Update manually (Start > Programs > Cti Navigator > Update Manager > Update button).

On a network installation, ensure you have run setup under NavNet - not the standalone setup (which is at the root level on the CD). If NavNet.exe is not on the installation CD, it can be downloaded (see the related article, "Network Installation"). If the standalone version was installed instead of NavNet, it must be totally uninstalled (including manually deleting the data files as described above) before running NavNet. When prompted, be careful to point the program over the Network Neighborhood to CtiNavigator.exe in a shared folder on the LAN server. 

Sometimes the workstation installation needs to be manually registered to use the program and data on the LAN server. If needed, use Windows Explorer on the workstation to go back through Network Neighborhood to the "shared" drive on the server and select C:\Program Files\CTI Navigator. Double click on each of the CTI*.dll files (especially the CTI{YourMLScode}MenuData.dll) in this directory to register the workstation to use them.

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Note 2: Where instructions refer to {YourMLScode}, substitute CTI's 3-letter code for your local MLS. This code can be determined by opening the CTI Navigator login screen > click the Setup button > your MLS code is the first 3 letters in the Internet Server Address box.

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